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G109 Prop and Pushrod question.

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Two quick G109 questions.

1. My prop is approaching the TBO.  I am in compliance with the latest AD.  I am aware that for non-commercial operators the manufacturer's recommended TBO is just a recommendation (see ** note below) but just curious on what everyone else does. Do others send in their Hoffmann prop every TBO 72 months for a complete overhaul, or if their A&P inspects the prop and hub and checks for AD compliance and signs the annual that is satisfactory unless the pilot sees any warning indicators?

2. On a recent oil change I noticed that my pushrod tubes are leaking a little oil.  Have any others used gasket sealants or compressible Porsche 914 pushrod tubes to seal things tight and then replace them with Limbach-sourced solid-style tubes on the next AD or convenient opportunity what are your thoughts/recommendations?



** For Part 91 operators (non-commercial operators), manufacturer recommended TBO intervals are not mandatory unless there is a TBO AD for that particular engine/airframe/prop and serial number range. Some pilots prefer it since a well cared-for engine/airframe/prop near TBO is far less likely to fail than one that has just been taken apart as part of an fresh overhaul. When buying an aircraft the TBO is more important since the care of the engine/airframe/prop is hard for the average buyer to ascertain.

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