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Sauer Engines

carl goodier

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Looking at 2 TMG's, one with a Rotax (water cooled) which I am familiar with, and one with a Sauer 1800 (air-cooled) which I am not familiar wth. 

The Sauer seems to have Aircraft certification to JAR which improves my confidence in it. can anyone share its experiences, especially in hot environments ? I know Jabiru uses air-cooled engines too  


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Hi Carl.  I have not flown behind  the Sauer engines but I have over 5,000 hours behind  air cooled  2165 cc VW engines in my Brasovs in temps ranging from 20 to 100 degrees.  The Sauer engines are very similar to what I have.  If the upper cowl deck is sealed meticulously so all the incoming cooling air has to go downward through the heads and cylinders, I have found cylinder head temps have not been a problem.  But I have found oil temps on vw can go high on hot climb outs.  I added an extra oil cooler on firewall similar to a c-172 installation and that solved all problems for me. The original vw oil cooler on top of engine is in series with the oil cooler on firewall  So I think you would be fine with either engine. 


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