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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
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    Steve Sliwa

    We are community dedicated to the safe and efficient enjoyment of Touring Motor Gliders ("TMGs"). We have self-organized and formed a not-for-profit association to promote Touring Motor Gliders. We have chosen the name the Touring Motor Glider Association ("TMGA") and have dedicated this website to support our goals. Our organizational objectives include the following:

    • Exchange information on flight operations, maintenance, and proper care of aircraft
    • Share training scenarios and lessons learned
    • Promote safetyft
    • Share stories from successful flights
    • Support the Soaring Society of American and its missions
    • Plan fly-ins, meetings, and fun contests
    • Help members reduce cost and maximize enjoyment of their aircraft
    • Join SSA, AOPA, and other pilot organizations in lobbying government entities to protect our fair and safe access to airspace and airports

    Generally, membership to this website is free and all of those who become a registered user and will have access to all sections of the website and shall be designated Associate Members. In the future, the TMGA may vote to make the access to certain new sections to specific classes of membership of paid membership. For example, the pages at Secret Stuff and Super Secret Stuff. However, even though all of the key information is available free, formally joining and contributing to the TMGA mission through monetary or service commitments will be appreciated. Current classes of membership are Registered Members, Supporting Members , Platinum Members, and Diamond Members. Donors that achieve Benefactor or Patron status get free Diamond Membership.  Here are some reasons for joining and contributing to the TMGA:

    • Access to all sections in the TMGA website.
    • Early notification for all events, fly-ins, and meetings.
    • Ability to make inputs for the future direction of TMGA.
    • Satisfaction in contributing to better soaring, flying, and safe utilization of TMGs.
    • Access to nothing but the best thermals when flying.

    If you are a TMG enthusiast, please consider joining and/or contributing to the TMGA. All people who join in 2012 will be designated Charter Members of the TMGA. For information on joining or contributing go to the TMGA Store.

    Memberships, Sponsorships, and Donations

    Joining our community and website is free. If you have not already done so, please select the registered tab above right and sign up for this website. However, the Touring Motor Glider Association is a not-for-profit organization dependent on its members for support and contributions. There are several ways you can help, please pick one that best suits your situation and ability to contribute:

    Membership - Registering on the website automatically makes you an Associate Member. Our intentions are that the forums, knowledgebase, photo gallery, and classifieds will always be viewable to all registered users and, generally, the public. After all, it is part of our mission to promote touring motor gliders to a wider audience. However, some website content might be limited to different classes of membership depending upon the wishes of the members. We have reserved space for the yet identified information list under the Membership Premium link. In the meantime, those who want to support the works of the TMGA should consider signing up for one of the following membership levels.

    • Associate Member -- Free | Registered Website User | Access to Website
    • Full Member -- $15 USD
    • Platinum Member -- $25 USD
    • Diamond Member -- $50 USD

    Sponsorship - If you have a business and would like to sponsor us we will provide advertising opportunities for you. Please contact us for details and exchange of data needed to create your site advertising content. Annual sponsorhip levels are as follows:

    • Bronze Sponsor -- $50 USD
    • Silver Sponsor -- $100 USD
    • Gold Sponsor -- $200 USD

    Donation - Those of us who believe in our mission and are in a position to give more might like to be a formal donor beyond the membership levels. Our donors will be prominently displayed in our website.

    • Benefactor -- $100 USD
    • Patron -- $250 USD

    Note: TMGA is not yet approved as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the US IRS code. Therefore donations are not tax deductible from your US federal income taxes.

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