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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • TMGA Website History

    Steve Sliwa

    This website has been built and is self-moderated by the community of Touring MotorGlider enthusiasts.  Our goals are:

    • Nurture exchange of information and collaborative learning
    • Foster the safe and cost-effective use of TMGs
    • Create opportunities for richer experiences with TMGs
    • Promote touring motorgliders as a great recreational activity


    A listserv was started in 2002 by Bruce Schimmel between various owners of the Ximango fleet.  They called themselves Ximango Owners Group (or XOG to model the Harley Owners Group or HOG) and grew to almost 50 enthusiasts. 

    In early 2009 we started a membership website that allowed for exchange of information and sharing of ideas.  To help insure that pilots, instructors, and enthusiasts are also welcome the name was generalized to Operators as part of XOG>

    In mid-2009 we decided to upgrade to the website.  Due to domain restrictions and the popularity of other pilot groups (AOPA, COPA, et al) we became XOPA (Ximango Owner's and Pilot's Association).  We were able to reserve and re-settle at www.XOPA.org. 

    Now a group of enthusiasts across TMG models have come together to form this website using the best of the XOPA site and other sites to develop a great resource those interested in Touring MotorGliders.

    If you have any inputs, suggestions, for feedback please contact the webmaster

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