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  • Ground Handling

    Ethan Graham

    Abstract: Discussion of ground handling with various dolly configurations 


    Subject: RE: [Taifun17E] Cliff return
    "cliff johnsen" <chicocliff8@
    9/28/06 7:56 AM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    Do push the telescoping tubes (wing) back, which greatly reduces the lever arm, as close as you can to the root after they are in the dolly. Get some full swivel wheels for your dolly, then you can move the plane anyway you wish. IT is easy. I am putting bigger wheels on the dolly so they dont bind on little rocks. Some dollys (mine was this way) only have 2 wheels and wont stand up on their own. You have to strap the tail down first. So, I now have a 4 wheel dolly with one locking wheel on each side to hold it in place. I fold the wings with the nose on the ground, then pull the tail into the sadle after the wings are in their places.,

    Subject: Cliff return
    From: "duktapeguy" <duktapeguy@
    9/27/06 5:03 AM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    Hi Cliffs,

    Good to hear from a fellow 17 owner. I am not certain I have
    anything to offer as a newer owner (Michigan) but not knowing
    anything never stopped me from talking before so here goes.

    I have the MT prop but have not played with it much and am still
    learning how to use it most effectively. I think it will be fine
    when I learn. It does take 2 minutes to turn to feather and another
    2 for the return. That speed is a little concern to me but I am
    certain it is designed to prevent engine difficulties. I have
    always wondered what would happen if one was at that point and had a
    power failure ...... need to keep close to a field when testing it

    I use the same cups but I keep water with glyseren in a spray bottle
    to seal them and that works very well.I have noticed the bird does
    not like to roll backwards when the wings are pulled back when it is
    attached to a sadle and the front wheel is off the ground. The
    tires scuff with the toe in or out position so I limit time and
    distance of pulling it backwards and I am considering buying some
    vehicle base dollies for the mains. I too have thought the wings
    needed some extra protection and have some concern about the weight
    on the telescoping tubes when the wings are folded back


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