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  • Trim Problems & MT Prop

    Ethan Graham

    Subject: Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: "birtrum" <birtrum@
    Date: 9/28/06 1:29 AM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    Hi I'm part of a five man syndicate based in Blackpool UK (EGNH). We
    are looking for three new members if anyone is interested otherwise
    the whole aircraft may be up for sale. I'm an instructor on Grob
    109B's at the weekend and can help anyone who would like to make a
    comparison. Although to be honest, there is nothing that I have flown
    that is anywhere near as good as a Taifun.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    David Birtwhistle (Birty)

    PS If you Taifun doesn't fly straight drop me a line and I'll tell you
    what to do. It's all to do with checking your wing geometry.



    Subject: RE: [Taifun17E] Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: "cliff johnsen" <chicocliff8
    Date: 9/28/06 7:44 AM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com
    Thanks for the reply. My taifun does take a little left stick to go straight. It will go into a diving rignt turn if let go. Also, my trim doesnt have enough play to nose up the plane. Do you have any subbestions here. It is usually in the all the way up for takeoff and moved forward just a little bit for cruse.

    Subject: Re: [Taifun17E] Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: Haim <zaklad@
    Date: 9/28/06 11:25 PM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    Hi Berty

    We, a three man syndicate in Israel, have the following problem related to your comment:

    When we got the Taifun we found that in a straight flight and “0” flaps position, a nagging left pressure on the stick is required to keep in a level flight. In a “-8” position the required pressure is much greater..

    We have attempted to adjust the flaps such that at “0” both flaps are in-line with the trailing edge. After such adjustment, it appears that at "-8" the flaps drops equal distance on both sides (I will confirm again). Never the less, the problem persists. I did not attempt yet to adjust for "no pressure" at "0", only geomntrical adjustment.

    The adjustment was done at the linkage behind the seats. The fact that in a “-8” the required pressure is higher may be indicative of a residual geometrical imbalance due to slack that is expressed by the air pressure during flight. A twisted wing? Any idea?


    Thanks for comments

    Subject: Re: [Taifun17E] Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: "cliff johnsen" <chicocliff8
    Date: 9/29/06 8:36 AM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com
    mine does the same thing

    Subject: Re: Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: "jeleedy99352" <JELEEDY@XL1xQKwi7l4qKuPXq_l_1LGB7cHVw_x5GonQ_5jPEFXVnXHl0xPvLir6MLGjvoxT9ZTLUwZ3yg.yahoo.invalid>
    Date: 9/29/06 10:34 PM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    >> > >I found that I did not have enought up trim when flying slow and
    soaring and found that when I did my first my first wt and balance
    that I was nose heavy and calculated I could add 22 pounds to the
    tail I chickened out and put in 11 pound of lead in the bottom of the
    fusalage just in front of the rudder. This took care of the problem
    with the elevator trim the fact that one needs full up trim probably
    indicates that you are nose heavy Jim Leedy N9MA

    Subject: Re: Hi Fellow Taifun Owners
    From: "Finbar Sheehy" <finbarsheehy@whg3dmxz_G7h0ToVO2bQSzyv8yc3a1fT_dtJhpzatuzf5tPvQgFMAlWLJ77fhHFf15rN543_czzjIkXQjDQ.yahoo.invalid>
    Date: 10/1/06 12:24 PM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    While exploring the various flight characteristics of my new toy, I
    also found the same thing, and the prior owner says the previous one
    he owned also did the same thing. I found lateral trim is neutral at
    lower speeds, lower power settings, but accelerating up to cruise
    speed it developed a noticeable right-turn tendency that required a
    little left pressure on the stick. At full cruise speed it seemed to
    require less pressure, but still a little. I suspect our aircraft are
    all properly rigged and trim straight as gliders, while at low speeds
    the aileron control forces are so light we just don't notice the turn
    tendency with power on (I didn't test that theory by letting go the
    stick - forgot all about it!)

    Subject: trim problems and MT prop
    From: "jeleedy99352" <JELEEDY@fzL1t9enXQItdZbyut-pQYp07wnwF-FCaHvGi8eZ5cvGZn8Ze9gJVc2iWhVUsdAb44M8OOOGUeSpQA.yahoo.invalid>
    Date: 9/29/06 10:48 PM
    To: Taifun17E@yahoogroups.com

    I suspect that cliff's trouble with his up trim is related to a nose
    heavy wt and balance. I checked my wt and balance 8 years ago. At that
    time my trim was ok for cruise flight but at slow soaring turns I did
    not have enought up trim. The wt and balance showed I could add 22
    pounds to the tail and still be in limits I added 11 pounds to the
    bottom of the fusalage in front of the rudder and still found I could
    add more but the slow flight trim was fixed. I don't suspect that the
    trouble is with the trim but with wt and balance. In respect to the mt
    prop I put a constant speed unit on it and loved it in cruise. I did
    not like the 90 sec feather and unfeather time but truely could not see
    much change in soaring performance so after a while did not bother to
    unfeather the prop. Jim Leedy N9MA


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