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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
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    Legacy Knowledgebase

    Steve Sliwa

    In the previous versions of this website we used an interesting tool called KBPublisher which created knowledgebase tool.  It's an interesting system, but it's tough to operate a template based system within a template based system (constant collisions).  Fortunately, our new software has a good system for managing data, which is being implemented as TMGwiki.  This will allow us to do a better job of 'crowd-sourcing' our information.

    In the meantime, the former knowledgebase system was ported to this website and is referenced as the Legacy Knowledgebase.  That way all of that data is still available.  However, over time we are hoping that we can move most of that data over to the TMGwiki.

    Here is the description of the knowledgebase from the previous site ported over to this wiki:

    A Knowledgebase is hierarchically organized information that is easily accessed. We are using a top software program called KBPublisher. The manual for the software is at this link.

    Our Knowledgebase is a collection of articles. Each article is published with a type of online word processing software from within the KBPublisher system. Each article is associated with one or more categories. Categories are arranged hierarchically. Therefore, information can be conveniently mined by either searching through the tree-hierarchy in the left sidebar or by the folder directory structure in the top Categories frame. Information can also be mined by using the search function.

    We have organized our Knowledgebase into both generic and model-specific sections. Please feel to peruse the Knowledge base to learn your way around.

    Our Knowledgebase also contains a collection of files. These files are uploaded to the Knowledgebase and they can be found in the Downloads section.

    Files can also be attached to articles. The author of the article can attach files from the Downloads section of the Knowledgebase or she/he can attach individual files to the article and they can only be accessed from that article.

    If anyone would like to become an editor to directly contribute articles, attachments/files or help organize the data, please contact us here at this link. Editors are given access to login into the KBPublisher system and some informal training to facilitate creating and organizing content. Editors are automatically nominated for sainthood and it is rumored that heaven rewards editors with the biggest juiciest thermals of the soaring day. Even so, if you do not want to be an editor, but have content or files to contribute please contact us at this link.

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