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Touring Motor Gliders Association (TMGA)
  • New User Checklist

    Ethan Graham

    Here is a suggestion of things that a new user should consider doing shortly after registering on the website.  For information on how to proceed for each of these topics you may visit the following links:

    • Tutorials - link
    • Where to find help - link

    Register - Become a registered user of the website.  link

    Update your Profile - File out data about yourself for the roster.  Also go ahead and select an avatar, signature, and profile pictures.  Select 'My Profile' in the upper right corner.

    View Your Profile Updates - One way to review your profile updates is go to Members > Rosters > Users

    Set Your Forum Subscriptionss - Go to the Forum section and using the hints from the tutorials, set your frequency of seeing data from the Forums.

    Set Up RSS Feeds from the TMGA Website - This is a great alternative to setting subscriptions on your Forums plus provides updates from most of the rest of the site. Set up to receive an RSS feed from the Forums, Knowledgebase, PhotoGallery, and/or Classified Ads. These typically will load into your e-mail broswer program (e.g., Mail, Outlook, Outlook express), your web browser (Safari, MS Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or specialized newsfeed product that you might have installed. Google has a tool that is called Reader. On the iPhone or iPad I recommend Feedler which can either load your feeds directly (I put them in a folder called TMGA) or integrate with Google Reeder.  The following are the feeds, but you may click on the "Loads" which may directly load into your tool of choice on a desktop or laptop:

    Post a "Hello" in the Forums - Go to this thread in the forums and introduce yourself.  It is a good way to practice.  For help you can view the appropriate video tutorial here.

    Visit the Knowledgebase - Browser though the knowledgebase and get a feel for how data is organized.

    Visit the Gallery -- Browse through the 'Gallery' and get a feel for how data is organized.  We suggest you create an album name for your motorglider (e.g., 'N175XS') so you can have a home album for pictures of your motorglider.  You can see how to upload a photo to the gallery here.

    Become a Member (or Contribute) - Now that you are a user of the website, you might consider becoming a member.  Please visit this page and this page for more information.

    This should get you started.  Welcome aboard!

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