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    Another way to get educated is to go to the next gathering, when there are usually 4-5 types of touring motor-gliders on site with owners who will talk to you endlessly about them. Not certain when the next one will be, but it's a good place to see them.
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    Search Elfin 20.ex for the latest (soon to be flying) hybrid electric touring motor glider from Germany. 50:1 side-by-side Electric self-launch with hybrid option for long range touring.
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    An easy compilation is viewable by going to the menus indicated by: About > TMG Compilation
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    Got to the Library tab, then Archives to see the major TMG's. All except the Carat and Moni are two-place, side by side.
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    Yes, there is hope for us wimps. I am 5'7", 230 lbs. and 73 years old and yes I have problems opening and closing the wings so I built a simple lever system and it is very doable now. It consists of a 10' carbon tube (what I had from an old delta hang glider) two wing shaped plywood pieces, a couple ratchet straps and two 25 lb. bar bell weights. The system reduces the lift weight from 30 lbs at the wing tip to about half that. My concern was what if it should slip while in the vertical position? I glued a rubberized material to the surface next to the wing for protection of the wing but when the ratchet straps are tightened nothing moves. The second issue was how far out could I go and not hit the ground when in the vertical position? Further than I thought but a quick measurement on the first lift answered the question and I have sense put stops on the tube so when I mount it no further measurement are required. Steve R.
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